Westminster Abbey


For 1000 years, the Abbey has hosted a fantastic variety of events; the crowning of kings and queens. Today, you too can experience the tantalising prospect of celebrating your event in a location steeped in history and complete with 21st century ambience.

The spaces available for hire are:

A beautiful hidden green space in the heart of Westminster. College Garden is an idyllic venue for a garden reception or an event in a structure.
Reception x 1,000 / Dinner x 240

The Cloisters sit adjacent to the Nave of Westminster Abbey and offer spectacular views across the Garth. Treat your guests to an atmospheric event in this open space during the warmer months.
Reception x 400 / Dinner x 160

Dating back to the 14th century, the Cellarium was used by the monks to store their food and drink. Today, your guests can enjoy a taste of Benedictine hospitality in this medieval undercroft. With its stunning vaulted ceiling and warm ambiance, the Cellarium is the perfect evening venue for smaller groups.
Reception x 120 / Dinner x 80

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