Meet The Team: Charlie Roundell Greene

We are thrilled to introduce Charlie Roundell Greene to the Alexander and Björck team who started with us in June and is our brilliant head of operations!

Charlies’ attention to detail is what keeps him at the top of his game – his main responsibility is to ensure the right people are where they need to be at the right time. So beware, he’ll always have his eye on you!

  • What are your day to day responsibilities?

I’m in charge of operations and making sure people are in the right place at the right time.

  • What did you do before A&B?

I have worked in events and catering for ten years across various different roles but within the hospitality industry  for nearly a year and a half now.

  • What is your idea of the perfect service?

Perfect service is when the guests barely notice us there and that any thing that they might want is brought to them before they have to ask. That is the basis for luxury hospitality and what we try and create for our clients and their guests.

  • Favourite venue and event to date?

This was some years ago but I worked on a spectacular event that was thrown inside the ruins of Battersea Power Station. It was a vast event with a star studded guest list and a fleet of waiting staff. Paul McCartney played on stage at the end of the night and the whole evening was glorious.

  • Your go to canape options?

I love a canape which is a bit unusual and carries the wow factor in both its taste and in its presentation. Our chicken salad canape with mango gel and black sesame has been enjoying enormous success over the summer. Anything with smoked salmon is great- and it doesn’t have to be boring; I’ve seen it done with yuzu, with guacamole, with grapefruit- there is a myriad of ways to serve it and keep it exciting.

  • Your go to drinks options?

I think a good soft drink option is very important. Some years ago the world got bored with orange juice and we switched to elder flower cordial, but now I feel, especially when it’s hot that people want something more adventurous. We have the most delicious rhubarb and rose hip spritzer on our menu that goes down a treat. For a drink with a kick I recommend the gin garden, served as a tall drink. It’s a super-charged up G&T with cloudy apple, elder flower liqueur and cucumber.

  • Your go to music options?

I go through binge fazes for music and I’ll listen to the same artist on a loop for a week or so. At the moment its Peggy Gou and I absolutely love her.

  • Your ideal party theme?

I love a decade party. I went to a fantastic 90’s themed party not long ago which was all about crimped hair, Pokemon and Power Rangers. I’m also looking forward to a ‘Roaring 20’s’ themed new year’s eve party at the end of December.  Themes are great at parties where people might not know each other very well as it’s great for breaking the ice and of course you can do lots of fun things with food and drink to tie in with themes.