An Interview With Our Founder


What good came from last year for you, from a business perspective?

No one knew when we would come out of Covid and what business would be like but we had the highest turnover in September and December that we have had for over 10 years which is fantastic news for us and for the industry as a whole.

How did you keep team morale going as I know teamwork is an integral part of A&B?

Since the start of Covid, I said that we need to lead thought this crisis and that is what we did.  I set up the Food Support project feeding the NHS for the whole D&D group, then helping to launch take away and home dining kits for the group, while reinventing ourselves with home dining kits for virtual events. I think that has helped driver our team knowing we will come out stronger on the other end.

In a previous interview you stated ‘people aren’t just buying food on a plate, they’re buying an experience’. How do you uphold such a luxury standard?

It is all about trust as people buy from people they like. We done sell food on a plate, we sell the dream and life style, we give a super personal service running up to all events, we over delivery any promised on the event with the highest of standards where the smallest detail is never over looked. We turn away business to guarantee this level of service  on all events.

This brings me on to my next question, what sets you apart from competitors?

I truly believe our integrity, transparency and passion to go that extra mile for our clients really sets us apart from our competitors.