Food is an amazing outlet for creativity and exploration. Cooking great food is a fine balance between skill and understanding, passion and vision. Being able to bring guests together and connect them in an experience is the thing we love the most.

When our Executive Head Chef Henry Osborn, designs menus, he uses seasonal fresh ingredients that are at their peak and makes them ‘centre stage’. Using his experience and passion for flavour, he is brilliant at enhancing simple, good ingredients with exciting flavours and textures to create clean, modern, great tasting food.

At A&B we are all advocates of provenance as we care about where our food comes from and the journey it takes before it reaches your plate. We pledge a promise that our meat, seafood and fresh produce have been sourced sustainably, and carefully chosen to provide the best taste and quality.  The sourcing of our produce and ingredients is integral to our process, we champion ‘wonky veg’ and even our vegetable peelings don’t go to waste.