Althorp House was built in 1508, by the Spencer’s, for the Spencer’s, and that is how it has remained for over 500 years. It is set in a tranquil walled, 550-acre parkland – which is part of the wider 13,000-acre estate – in the heart of beautiful, unspoilt Northamptonshire countryside. Althorp is the essence of Englishness – understated yet impressive, traditional but relevant, a historic house but also a warm and much-loved family home.

With Althorp just an hour from London, the private House is perfect for any occasion; should you wish to seek one of the most quintessentially English stately homes for a discreet meeting, including one of the finest private collections of art in Europe, an exclusive place of accommodation, or an incredible location for an evening’s entertainment.

Reception x 400
Dinner x 200

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